Hello and welcome to my blog, Cool Causes! This is my first time ever blogging so please be kind and give me helpful feedback on any and all aspects of my blog. The title is Cool Causes because I want to highlight just that, organizations that do unique and interesting things for others or the environment. I’ll tell you how the organization started, what they do, their upcoming projects, and how you can get involved. There are a lot of awesome people out there doing some creative things to help this world and I feel it important to report these great organizations to you. Enjoy!




4 responses to “About

  1. Matt McCloskey

    Shawna sweet blog. I really liked the story about Ben and Jerry’s. This is really cool. Keep up the awesome work. Peace out home-skillet.

  2. wow what a great resource!! keep on blogging – looking forward to reading more about great organizations!

    here are a few more that you may dig:

    dr. bronner
    glee gum
    do the green thing

    keep it up!!

  3. Jay Manu

    Keep it up.God Bless

  4. Alaina Grasta

    love this blog! keep it up!

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