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Eco-friendly! That is the best way to describe the popular climbing company prAna. It’s fitting to have a company that sells products to help appreciate the natural playground to also work to diminish their carbon footprint and do their part to restore the earth.


Always looking for new ways to be sustainable, prAna is makes sure that the materials they use and their practices reduce the impact on soils, water supplies and other natural resources. They are also a member of the Organic Trade Association, increasing their use of organic cotton and other natural fibers that can be recycled.


The dyes and chemicals used to make the prAna’s products are low-impact and submit to standards set by the Global Organic Textile Standard. These dyes’ manufacture, use and disposal have less of an impact on the environment than that of conventional dyes. The dyes are promptly tested for safe and proper disposal.


All of prAna’s products are manufactured under the guidelines of the Fair Trade Association.


prAna is another great cause that is environmentally friendly and offers ways for their employees to get involved, too. Check out more about this climbing gear company on their website.

In 2005, prAna began the Natural Power initiative. The goal is to raise awareness among customers and other businesses about the advantages of renewable energy sources. The next year, prAna offset 100% of the energy consumption of 250 clothing stores across the US, its own corporate office, and all the homes of its full-time employees. 100 European and 50 Canadian retailers joined them in their alternative energy program in 2007 and 2008. All of these retailers now support wind farms and other clean energy programs to encourage further development in the pursuit of better energy sources worldwide.



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5 responses to “prAna

  1. Kaye McNally

    I love reading about companies that want to “do no harm”. Thanks for this blog and clueing me in to these kind of companies!

  2. Ginny Whitehouse

    You have done a terrific job on your blog. Such diverse types of products and organizations!

  3. nbardwell10

    This is another great company Shawna! You have really done your research and it shows! Great Job!

  4. Natalie Ervin

    I learn so much after reading your blogs. They are always about organizations I have never heard of, so that’s awesome!

  5. Michael Swanson

    Excellent article, I’ve never heard of prAna (man that is kinda wierd typing).
    That guy in the picture has a deathwish though, doing an unroped climb that high. Count me out of the cleanup when they have to scrape his brains off the side of the mountain

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