Honest Tea

Started by a couple of guys who just love liquids, Honest Tea was the product of a search for something pure. They put a lot of emphasis on being a sustainable company, too.

Honest Teas do not contain a lot of sugars or high-fructose corn syrup, two ingredients that are often used in high doses and are often blamed for causing obesity. Some of the flavors of Honest Teas called “tad sweet” have sugar but in much lower doses. The Unsweetened Just Black or Just Green teas have no added sugars or calories.  They believe that good-tasting beverages don’t need to be pumped with sugar to be enjoyed. This company is all about finding the natural goodness.

Image from the Dieline

Image from the Dieline

All the flavors of Honest Tea are USDA Organic certified, guaranteeing that they are made without any antibiotics, pesticides, irradiation or bioengineering. The farmers who grow the ingredients used in Honest Tea use certain soil and water conservation methods and their farming is monitored by a certified third party. Compared to other foods, it is extremely important that tea is organic. Tea leaves are not washed. The first time they touch water happens when they are brewed to make the tea. This means that if pesticides have been used on the tea leaves, it will most likely end up in your drink. 
In 2004, Honest Tea became the first bottled US tea manufacturer to have fair trade certified products. A number of flavors are now available, marketed as fair trade certified. Honest Tea looks for suppliers who use sustainable farming methods and treat their workers and families fairly. Funding from fair trade sales goes to support many initiatives voted on by workers at the tea plantation. One such initiative was proposed by a worker who had recently completed a computer course. She suggested that the Fair Trade Joint Body build a computer center for the people in the Makaibari village to use.  The computer center was set up shortly after and over 200 children signed up for computer classes to learn critical skills they would not have had the opportunity to experience because of high costs.

The bottles that Honest Tea is packaged in are fully recyclable, free of Phthalates, don’t leach, and need less energy to produce and ship. Plastic bottles are now available as well as Healthy Kids drink pouches, which are not made with the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA).

Honest Tea is just what the name suggests. It doesn’t try to cut corners or follow the rest of the beverage manufacturers. It’s just what it is. Tea.

Learn more about Honest Tea and all that it’s doing on their website.



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2 responses to “Honest Tea

  1. nbardwell10

    This is such good tea and a great topic to write on! I have really enjoyed reading your blog this term!

  2. Natalie Ervin

    I am in LOVE with tea…and I hate it when people buy sweetened tea. It’s so good naturally without anything added. I’ll have to try this sometime. Thanks!

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