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WWF is not just a terrible display of masculinity in spandex. These three letters also stand for a great organization with a heart for nature. World Wildlife Fund works to conserve wildlife and preserve the ecological systems of earth.


Probably most notable for its focus on protecting endangered species, WWF wants to ensure that our world will continue to be home to many of the animals threatening to disappear. Among the hundreds of animals WWF is safeguarding, giant pandas, tigers, whales and dolphins, elephants, polar bears, rhinos, giant apes and marine turtles are flagship species it pays special attention to. These animals are known as umbrella species: helping them helps many other species that live in the same habitats and need each other to thrive. WWF also works to protect animals that are endangered by humans, with the help of the organization TRAFFIC, by fighting against illegal and unsustainable trade.


WWF also works with indigenous people to build a future where human’s needs and wildlife can live in harmony. Visiting these indigenous groups, WWF promotes sustainable use of the natural resources in the area and advocates on issues that both share concern for. WWF understands the cultural differences and aims to build a relationship between biological and cultural diversity rather than simply focusing on one or the other. WWF was the first international conservation organization to recognize cultural rights of the indigenous groups and creating a policy called WWF’s Statement of Principles on Indigenous Peoples and Conversation to act as a guide in its work.


Image from American Wildlife Foundation

More than just focusing on species and habitats, WWF looks at the big picture. Seeking out ways to conserve natural resources can be found in WWF’s science foundation. Through use of state-of-the-art technology, scientists working with WWF are able to work towards the advancement of biodiversity conservation. They use Geographic Information System (GIS) to identify threatened habitats, such as deforestation. Fitting animals with satellite and radio collars gives scientists the ability to track and gather information on populations and habitat use. Biodiversity in marine life is WWF’s next challenge. Scientists are currently conducting research to design marine protected areas (MPAs) as well as coming up with a conservation plan for coastal and continental shelf areas.  


Businesses today have the chance to partner with WWF in order to transform and improve business practices. At the same time, these businesses help WWF by investing directly in its conservation programs. In working with government agencies, WWF uses strong relationships with other wildlife services to help save the future the natural world. WWF also builds partnerships with humanitarian organizations to help the connections between people and the environment. WWF realizes one organization cannot save the earth alone. By partnering with numerous organizations, WWF hopes to further the advancement of maintaining a healthy planet.


WWF is a large organization that has plenty of influence. Because of this, it has a great opportunity to really make a difference for our planet. Learn more about this organization at their website and find out ways that you can get involved and become a partner in conservation.  






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4 responses to “WWF World Wildlife Fund

  1. kingof7s

    These animals must know that the U.S.A. will never bow down to ecological terroism. If they threaten to extinguish their existence that is their own problem. Viva Freedom! Good blog. It would seem as though you have done a fair amount of research.

  2. rachelbrianna

    Shawna! Your blogs are full of information and facts. You do a really great job at explaining each organization and what they do. Awesome job, I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. mxharri

    I’m sure this is a good post, but I didn’t read it at all because there wasn’t a video. You need a video Shawna. Hopefully soon. Because everyone else isn’t reading it either. Video = views. Get on it

  4. natalieervin

    Great organization. Not gonna lie, I cried once when I saw the polar bear commercial that’s on tv right now…

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