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I discovered Blue Button Apparel this fall as my residence hall’s senator chose to print our annual hall sweatshirts through this company. Blue Button is found right here in Spokane, a local organization with a very unique cause.


Blue Button Apparel was started when Scott Ellis, a Whitworth graduate, got involved with the homeless children of Roger’s High School. His church had been donating hygiene products and clothes to these kids as Christmas presents. Ellis decided, after his coffee shop endeavor failed, to start a business where he could offer these kids after-school work.


Blue Button Apparel is a non profit organization that provides work for the homeless high school students of Roger’s High School 2-3 days a week. Most of these kids don’t have social security card or birth certificate and are therefore unable to get a job on their own. Ellis’ objective is to teach these kids how to interview for jobs, give them important professional skills, and give them a good reference for their resume when they graduate and begin looking for work.


These kids have so often been overlooked; it’s really refreshing to find people who are giving them a chance to succeed later on.


But that’s not all Blue Button focuses on. They also have an interesting environmental approach to the company. Blue Button Apparel uses only organic cotton manufactured with wind power, according to the website. They also only use soy-based cleaners and biodegradable inks for their products.


Blue Button also buys only from apparel producers who treat their employees justly. In a world where Wal Mart reigns through cheap products and child labor, this is a distinctive idea.


If you are in need of some printed apparel for a team or function, check out Blue Button. The prices are reasonable, and the intent is invaluable.


Visit Blue Button Apparel’s homepage.



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2 responses to “Blue Button Apparel

  1. mxharri

    Shawna I’m from Argentina and love your blog much very.
    Can you come and look for stuff here? Would love that. Viva La Dempsey’s!

  2. Michael Swanson

    Wow, that’s a great idea by Scott. I would have never thought of something like that.

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